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Annual Membership – FAQs

1. When will be Annual Membership period starts?
    Annual Membership will starts from every year in April.

2. How much is the Annual Membership Fee?

Class of Membership Fees in Indian Rupees (INRs.)
Fellows and Affiliates 9,000+(18% GST) = 10,620
Associates 3,000+(18% GST) = 3,540
Students 2,000

3. How much is the Annual Membership Fee for Fellows, Affiliates and Associates above age 60 and not gainfully employed in profession or practice or medically unfit to be gainfully
    employed in profession or practice?

2,000+(18% GST) = 2,360 Accepted through offline mode along with application

4. Who are eligible for Life Membership and how much?
    Members who are more than 60 years as on 1st April every year are eligible for Life Membership.

Ten times the normal Annual Membership as mentioned above. Accepted through offline mode only along with application

5. How much is the Annual Membership Fee for those who are more than 75 years of age as on 1st April?
    No Annual Membership.

6. How to pay the Annual Membership Fee?
    a. Online through Member Login (www.actuariesindia.org/login.aspx)
    b. Demand Draft or Pay Order
    c. Wire-transfer (for members residing outside India)

7. If the transaction fail?

    - Online payment transaction made was not successful however the debited amount will be credited back into your account within 8 - 10 working days if the payment was not transfer then contact to Accounts Manager at accounts@actuariesindia.org
- If the International card is not accepted then you can make payment through wire-transfer.

8. If the failure to make payment?
    The payment should be made online on or before 30th June every year failing which membership will lapse resulting into removal of name from the register of the Institute.

9. How to reinstate Membership?
    a. Members whose Annual Membership is outstanding only for year:

    -   If the request for reinstatement is received within three months (i.e. on or before 30th September) of his/her ceasing to be a member (after 30th June), the payment of the Annual
        Membership fee plus a penalty of 25% thereon,

    -   If the request for reinstatement is received after three months (i.e after 30th September) of his ceasing to be a member, he/she has to pay the existing Annual Membership fee,
        in addition to penalty of 50% of the Annual Membership fee

    b. Members whose Annual Membership is outstanding for more than one year:
        Where Annual Membership fee is in arrears for more than one year, reinstatement will be made on payment of 1.5 times of current year applicable Annual Membership fees for the number of
        years where Annual Membership fee is in arrears, in addition to the current year Annual Membership fees.


        For Students
        Members whose Annual Membership fee is outstanding for more than ten years can do reinstatement of membership through offline mode only.

        For Fellows Affiliates and Associates
        Members whose Annual Membership fee is outstanding after 30th June can reinstate their membership offline only.

10. Whom do I contact regarding further details on reinstatement of Membership or any other matter relating to Annual Membership fee?
      Kindly contact Ms. Swetha Jain at swetha@actuariesindia.org or at 022-62433335.

11. Whom do I contact in case the payment has failed for some reason?
      Please contact Ms. Gauri Kothari (Head – Education and Examination) at headee@actuariesindia.org or at 022-62433338

12. Important Forms

      Annual Membership Renewal Notice
      http://www.actuariesindia.org/downloads/Notice on Annual Membership_2019-20.pdf

      Annual Membership Renewal Form

      Membership Re-entry Form
      https://www.actuariesindia.org/downloads/Re-entry Form 2019-20.pdf

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