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Sr. No.Subject CategoryPaper Title (Author)Name of the Author
101-Life InsuranceCredit Life Insurance D. Sai Srinivas / Stuart Land
01-Life InsuranceUnit Linked Insurance Policies in the Indian Market R Rajagopalan
01-Life InsuranceAppointed Actuary- Insure thyself S N Bhattacharya
01-Life InsuranceAsset / Liability Management and Innovative Investments Sylvain Goulet / M G Diwan
01-Life InsuranceInvestment Guarantees : Issues and Considerations for Life Insurers Sanchit Maini /Varun Gupta
01-Life InsuranceThe Value of the Actuarial Control Cycle in a non-tariff Insurance Market Dave Finnis
01-Life InsuranceExperience Studies Rani Rajasingham / B Ramesh
01-Life InsuranceCapital requirements of life insurers – A Risk based perspective Sidhartha Kalitha, Amrita Kaur
01-Life InsuranceValuation of life insurance companies in India Sanket Kawatkar / Richard Holloway
01-Life InsuranceEnhanced Annuities in the UK Cord-Roland Rinke /Tim Weinert
01-Life InsuranceEconomic Rationale of Secondary Market Trading in Life Insurance Products Lalitagauri Kulkarni
01-Life InsuranceImpact on the UK market of treating customers fairly Rajeev Shah
01-Life InsuranceCRM to CIM – An Insurance Perspective Chandra Patidar / Nihar Jindal /Sneha Gokarn
01-Life Insurance Pricing Micro insurance Products Denis Garand/ John Wipf
01-Life Insurance Micro insurance Practice by Micro Finance Institutes Md. Quamrul Hasan
01-Life Insurance Penetration of Life insurance in Rural India D. C. Khansili
01-Life Insurance Life Insurance Expenses-An Economic Analysis D V S Sastry
1802 - General Insurance Development Of Catastrophe risk Insurance Cover for the India Agriculture Sector Arvind Akash
1902 - General Insurance Insurance Accounting Thomas Kabele
2002 - General Insurance The Variability of the IBNR Thomas Kabele
2102 - General Insurance Transition to Non-tariff Regime Karpagam Sankaranarayanan
2202 - General Insurance Weather derivatives pricing and design issue in India Anshul Anand / Surendra Mahadik
2302 - General Insurance Appraisal of General Insurance Co. Piyush Majmudar
2402 - General Insurance Reserving for General Insurance Companies Jonathan Broughton
2503 - Pensions and Social Security Defined Contribution Scheme as Opposed to Defined Benefit Scheme Bhudev Chaterjee
2603 - Pensions and Social Security Role of Actuaries in Defined Contribution Environment Gautam Kakar
2703 - Pensions and Social Security Pension for All Sateesh Narasimha Bhat
2803 - Pensions and Social SecurityChallenges of pay out phase in Defined Contribution Pension EnvironmentS. P. Subhedar
2904 – Health, Long Term Care, Mortality & MorbidityIncome Protection InsuranceG L N Sarma / M Karunanidhi
3004 – Health, Long Term Care, Mortality & MorbidityCritical Illness ProtectionSylvain Goulet / D K Pandit
3104 – Health, Long Term Care, Mortality & MorbidityCritical Illness in IndiaSonjai Kumar
3204 – Health, Long Term Care, Mortality & MorbidityHealth Care Products from Overseas and their applicability to IndiaMelanie Puri / Sumit Narayanan
33 04 – Health, Long Term Care, Mortality & Morbidity CIBT93 and its use in Pricing Indian Morbidity Risks Andres Webersinke
34 04 – Health, Long Term Care, Mortality & Morbidity Use of decision analysis for cost benefits studies examples HIV test Dr. Becher
35 04 – Health, Long Term Care, Mortality & Morbidity What’s critical about critical illness products Sunil Sharma / Lawrence Tsui
36 04 – Health, Long Term Care, Mortality & Morbidity Critical Illness Scott Rastin / Dr. Phil Smalley / Stuart Land
37 05 - General Actuarial Topics Challenges to Actuarial Profession and traditional endowments and D B Pensions- An Overview S Chidambaram
38 05 - General Actuarial Topics Arbitrage Opportunities in the Indian Future Market: A Study of Index Futures Dr. Dheeraj Misra, Dr. R Kannan, Dr. Sangeeta Misra
39 05 - General Actuarial Topics Actuaries Frontiers- State of the Art Actuarial Practice Steve / Taylor Gooby
40 05 - General Actuarial Topics Insurance Actuarial Services and emerging KPO Krishnaswamy R/ Shrinivas Sathya Susarla
41 05 - General Actuarial Topics Professionalism within the business context Chris Daykin
42 05 - General Actuarial Topics So, how many Actuaries does India Need? Lesley Traverso

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