About IAI-Aero

About IAI-AERO no text

IAI Actuarial Education and Research Organisation (IAI-AERO) was incorporated on 5th August, 2021 under section 8 of Companies Act, 2013. The Institute of Actuaries of India is major shareholder of IAI-AERO having shareholding of 99.99%. IAI-AERO is a non-profit organization.

Composition of Board of IAI-AERO:

Composition of Board of IAI-AERO:
Mr. Subhendu Kumar Bal Director
Mr. Abhay Tewari Director
Mr. Pravir Chandra Director

Head office of IAI-AERO is at Seawood, Navi Mumbai.

Objects of IAI-AERO:

  • To educate and guide in education field by way of providing study material, books, papers, journals, periodicals, magazines, case studies, practice questions, sample exam papers in print and digital form for imparting education to the actuarial profession.
  • To aid in the field of education for conceiving, formulating, undertaking, conducting, to provide aid, promote and provide facilities for core, fundamental, empirical, applied and other kinds of research work and projects and studies.
  • To aid in the field of education by way of organizing, handling and supporting training programmes, study courses, lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences, symposiums including online training, digital tools, videos to help the students understand the concepts and clearing the examinations.
  • To aid in the field of education by maintaining a repository of statistical and numerical tools, IT and ITES education and software’s for imparting education.
  • To aid in the field of education by assisting, subscribing, co-operating with or affiliating with any other organizations and institutions, whether registered or not, having objects altogether in part or similar to it and enter into agreements with such organizations.
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