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The Actuarial Profession is changing, and so are we. As actuaries move into newer roles in addition to the traditional roles, there is a need for students to have the clarity of what exactly is actuarial sciences, why should they become an actuary and what does it take to become an actuary. Typically an Actuary uses financial and statistical techniques to solve real business problems, particularly that involving risk management. But what sets them apart from their counterparts in other professions is the natural mathematical, economic and statistical aptitude, awareness and the ability to apply these to situations in the real financial world. When a student becomes a member of the Institute of Actuaries of India, he already possesses some of the skills required to make him an excellent actuary someday. As he takes one exam after another, he acquires the skills that make him a successful actuary. It takes a lot of patience, grit and determination to get there and when you are there, financial success is just incidental.


Any person who enrolls himself for examination of the Institute, and possesses such qualifications as is specified, is admitted as a student member of the Institute on such terms and conditions as is specified.

Applicants are allowed to take admissions through below routes:-



Announcement for Online Admission Process

Student Membership Form | Note on Validity of ACET Result

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