Annual Membership

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Members to renew their membership on 1st April of every year to maintain the active status. Associate and Fellow members who do not renew their membership on the date will be removed from the Register of members who may be re-admitted by the competant authority after receiving the application. Payment of required fees to be remitted by accessing the "Annual membership" module within the login page.

The following are the existing rates for all members below age 60:

Class of Membership Fees

Fellows and Affiliates Rs.9,000+ 18% GST
Associates Rs.3,000+ 18% GST
Students Rs.2,000

For Affiliates and Associates above age 60, Rs.2000+ 18% GST only applicable in the following situations:

  • -not gainfully employed in profession or practice
  • -medically unfit to be gainfully employed in profession or practice

Fellows, Affiliates and Associates who are aged 60 and above as on 1st April are eligible to pay life membership by payment of 10 times of annual membership fee as above. All such cases, application to be submitted through the annual membership module.

Those who are aged 75 and above, all future membership fees waived off.

Cases, where renewal of membership is due for more than a year can not access the respective module for making the payment. The member to contact Mr. Sandeep Mahajan at or at 022-62433337 for enabling the payment.

A member who applies for change of membership category, viz., student to Associate, Student to Fellow or Associate to Fellow during the membership year (1st Apr-31st Mar), should pay the difference of membership fee for the full year.

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