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Subject wise exemptions for examinations passed from Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK are granted for all examinations passed on or before 31st December, 2021. A IAI member who qualified such examinations from IFoA can submit application with required fee by accessing "Exemptions" module from the members login page. For country specific subjects, SA level examinations, no exemption granted.

The Institute grants exemption in SP0- Alternative Specialist Principle Subject to those who are Associate/Fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

The following are fees payable for each subject:

Self attested copy of relevant certificates/ result sheets required to be uploaded.

Subjects Exemption Fees
CT1 - CT9 Rs. 2500 each
CA1 - CA3 Rs. 7500 each
ST1 - ST9 Rs. 4000 each
CS1–CS2-CM1-CM2 Rs. 5000 each
CB1-CB2 Rs. 3000 each
CB3 Rs. 10000
CP1/CP3 Rs. 8000 each
CP2 Rs. 10000
SP0 – SP9 Rs. 6000 each
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