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The Institute provides Study material for all subjects, except CS1B, CS2B, CM1B and CM2B.The study material pack are prepared by Actuarial Education Company (ActEd), UK which includes Course notes, Series X assignments & solutions and practice questions. The IAI is in agreement with ActEd for supplying Hard/Soft copy of all study materials to their students on the basis of payment of royalty for each copy. For applying for any examination, purchase of study material of the subject is compulsory. For part B of CS & CM subjects, study materials can be directly purchased from the ActEd, UK. A Study material purchased in a year is subject to changes and periodical updates, though such changes are usually not significant. Hence, using of purchased study material for an examination on subsequent year/s to be done only after checking such updates at the concerned section of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK.

A member can order hard/soft copy of the study material through the module available within the login page.

The hard copy of the study material to be purchased by placing the order by accessing the study material module within the IAI login page. The printed copy of the material will be delivered to the address provided by the member within a maximum of two weeks. The price list of hard copy of all study material at the end of the page.

The soft copy of the study material shall be in eBook format which can be accessed by using Vital Source Bookshelf. The following points to be noted for obtaining the soft copy:

  1. Member need to order the softcopy study material online through their IAI member login.
  2. After making successful payment, member will receive receipt of payment and a unique code for the subject/s purchased on their registered email id. The unique code (token) is for one time use and should not be shared with any other person.
  3. Member need to download Bookshelf for Mac/PC/iOS/Android from .
  4. Member has to create a Bookshelf account on once he/she receives the unique
    code from IAI.
  5. Sign in with your Bookshelf account email address and password.
  6. Click "Redeem” on the respective subject and enter your code.
  7. Click on "All Titles" in the collection pane to view all the books in your account.
  8. Double click on the title to download the book. Once downloaded, double-click again to open the book.
  9. The token once consumed cannot be returned or replaced.
  10. The eBook validity after redemption, is 3 years online access and perpetual offline access
  11. For any technical difficulties in opening , the members should follow the help and support issued by Vital Source (outlined in the eBook redemption instructions)
  12. Bookshelf enables students to access eBooks online through a browser or they can be downloaded to a laptop or mobile devices using the Bookshelf application or mobile app (for upto-date versions of iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire).
  13. A Bookshelf eBook can be accessed on up to 4 authorised devices (2 laptops / PCs + 2 mobile devices, for example a work computer, a personal computer, a mobile phone and an iPad).
  14. If using a company computer or device, students need to check they have permission to install the required application.
  15. When printing from Bookshelf an automatic watermark will be added to every page. This cannot be removed as it is part of the software settings. The software will only let you print 100 pages each time you log into your account. The print quality is unlikely to be as high as a printed hard copy from IAI.
  16. If students have any technical difficulties members should follow the help and support issued by Vital Source (outlined in the eBook redemption instructions).
  17. Techinical issues, if any to be sorted out in co-ordination with the study material section of IAI.
  18. For any queries or assistance, contact us at / 022-62433339.

Hard copy of Acturial Tables required for CS, CM & CB level examinations also available from the study material department.

Following are the existing rates applicable for hard/ soft copy of study material.(Include the table below)

Subject Code Subject Name Hard Copy (Rs) Soft Copy
CM1 Actuarial Mathematics (Part A) 9000 8000
CM2 Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving (Part A) 7500 6500
CS1 Actuarial Statistics (Part A) 7500 6500
CS2 Risk Modelling and Survival Analysis (Part A) 9000 8000
CB1 Business Finance 6000 5000
CB2 Business Economics 6000 5000
CP1 Actuarial Practice 14500 12500
CP2 Modelling Practice 3500 3000
CP3 Communication Practice 3500 3000
SP1 Health and Care Principles 11000 9500
SP2 Life Insurance Principles 11000 9500
SP4 Pensions Principles and Other Benefits 11000 9500
SP5 Investment & Finance Principles 11000 9500
SP6 Financial Derivatives Principles 11000 9500
SP7 General Insurance :Reserving Principles 11000 9500
SP8 General Insurance: Pricing Principles 11000 9500
SP9 Enterprise Risk Management Principles 11000 9500
SA1 Health and Care Advanced 11500 10000
SA2 Life Insurance Advanced 11500 10000
SA3 General Insurance Advanced 11500 10000
SA4 Pensions Advanced and Other Benefits 11500 10000
SA7 Investment & Finance Advanced 11500 10000
  Actuarial Tables 500  
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