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The Institute started providing online coaching for students appearing for technical level examinations, starting from the year 2015. Currently, online classes/recorded videos of online classes are offered to subjects CS1A, CS1B, CS2A, CS2B, CM1A, CM1B, CM2A, CM2B, CB1, CB2, CP1, CP2, SP1, SP2, SA2 & SA3. Classes are conducted by expert faculty members have proven records of competency and teaching.

Under the online coaching program, the core concepts and principles in the material along with important past questions are discussed in detail within 30-55 sessions, depending on the volume of the subject which spreads over 2-3 months prior to the examination date; 3-4 sessions of 90 minutes duration each are scheduled in each week with advance notice to participants.

Core concepts are explained in simple terms aligning to practical scenarios and also with support of models and other tools, leads to learning the subject than limiting oneself to the simple coverage of course material for examination purpose. In order to bring in flexibility, the sessions are recorded and made available to all subscribers in their login page which can be utilized repeatedly till the date of examination of each diet. Students are also given access to respective faculty members through mail/ phone call for their clarifying any topic within the context of examination.

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