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About the program

R-the Statistical software have been formally introduced in the Actuarial curriculum in 2019 which focussed on two modelling examinations under Core Statistics subjects. Though there are other data-oriented dominant software available in the market, R still considered as superior for all statistics based modelling. It is estimated that, more than 5000 members of actuarial profession in India still not learned this important tool, given that all statisticians essentially to be an expert in R-modelling. When the actuarial profession looking for engagements in wider areas of data science and analytics, it is important that all actuarial resources to be skilled in application software like R and Python. We have conducted few class room based workshops for R in the past along with specialised online programs for CS1B and CS2B examinations, however no such training in R offered to fill in the skill gap among members of the profession irrespective of category of membership. Hence, a workshop on learning R and its wider applications is the need of the hour.

Program schedule:

A 24 hours webinar series, spread over 12 sessions will start on Saturday, 15th October 2022, each session of 2 hours duration. To encourage LIVE participation and hands on practice, all sessions scheduled between 7.00 pm-9.00 pm. This is an open program to learn R and applications for a new comer, irrespective of association with Actuarial profession.

Attendees are expected to work on their assignments on a regular basis to maintain the continuity of learning and practice. Covered topics and detailed program schedule is available in ANNEXURE-I



Fee for Students Rupees Three thousand (₹3,000.00) only
Fee for Associates & Fellows Rupees Four thousand (₹4,000.00) only
Non-members Rupees Six thousand (₹6,000.00) only
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Registration open date On 24th September, 2022, 6.00PM
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Dr. Raju Narayanan, Former Professor and Head, Department of Statistics, University of Calicut, who conducted all R class room and online programs for Actuarial students in the past.


Benefits of attending the program:

  • Unique program to learn R for and applications on data

  • Beginning of learning R, begins to understand similar software like Python, SAS, SPSS etc.,

  • Development of new skill for all future times

  • Interacting with expert faculty

  • Gaining new job opportunities in the areas of data analytics and data science.

  • Gaining unique skill in the current employment.

  • Subsidised fees.



Point of contact for all related queries: Ravindra Mastekar, Asst. General Manager or 022 6243 3348


Program Schedule:





15th Oct, 2022



Introduction to R and R –Studio. Installation of R and R studio. Help Facilities, Installation of Packages in R and R Studio. In built data files.


18th Oct, 2022



Data entry techniques. Data types and Data structure: vector, data frames, matrices, factor, lists. Manipulation of data frames and Matrices. Examples.

20th Oct, 2022


Built-in-functions and User defined functions. Mathematical and statistical functions. Examples.

22nd Oct, 2022


Control statements in R. If, if else, for, while, next, stop, break etc., Examples.

25th Oct, 2022


Apply family of functions; plyr and dplyr packages. Examples. Probability calculations. Simulation.


27th Oct, 2022



p, q,d,and r functions for binomial, Poisson, Geometric, Negative binomial, uniform, exponential, gamma, normal, log-normal, t, F and chi-square distributions. Examples.

29th Oct, 2022


Measures of central tendency, variation, skewness and kurtosis. Moments. Examples.

31st Oct, 2022


Correlation and regression: Simple, Multiple and Logistic Regression. Examples

2nd Nov, 2022


Statistical Inference: z-test; t-tests and Oneway ANOVA and Chi-square tests. Examples

4th Nov, 2022


Importing data from Excel, Word, Text and SPSS and exporting outputs. Examples


7th Nov, 2022



Data visualization in R. Scatter, bar, boxplot, frequency distributions, histogram. Introduction to ggplot package. Examples

9th Nov, 2022


working on past question papers of CS1B

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